5 Tips to Gain More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has become a global platform for companies and individuals, offering countless self-expression and business opportunities. But to really get a wide reach, you first need the right number of followers. Earning this is not an easy task. As a social community, the following applies above all: Interaction is the key to success. Below, as the Burn Media team, we have compiled 5 tips on how you can successfully and permanently gain more followers on Instagram.

#1 Content your followers want to see

Instagram account created and you have a lot of content you want to post? Thus the beginning was made. But in the best case, you should already pay attention to what content your audience wants to see and which ones are considered the best. To do this, you must keep an eye on the likes and views and evaluate which content is getting the best. For this purpose, the content needs to be tailored and adapted to your target audience. Different posts, interactive content, short videos or funny posts can not only gain new followers but also keep them.

#2 Always Remind Yourself

Regular posts and new content are the beginning and end of everything when creating your Instagram account. Your followers follow you and look forward to seeing new content from you that is always on the same topic. This idiom “out of sight, out of mind” applies to Instagram as well. If you don’t keep reminding yourself and stay on the ball, you risk losing the interest of followers. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to always provide quality content, but the effort always pays off. Irregular posts are also penalized by the Instagram algorithm. They appear less frequently and followers move to more active accounts.

#3 follow the trends

Is the next booster vaccine against Covid on everyone’s lips? Valentine’s Day, Christmas or other important festivals and holidays coming soon? Relevant hashtags and addressing relevant topics that reflect the spirit of the times and current trends can help expand reach, draw attention to the account, and ultimately gain followers. Ideally, you prepare content in advance for upcoming events that can be presented appropriately and tailored to your audience.

#4 Use Geotagging

International reach is the goal of almost every Instagram account. Followers from all over the world are welcomed and not only enrich the exchange but also raise awareness beyond national borders. But sometimes it makes sense to conquer the local market first. Geotagging is perfect for this. Just like hashtags, it lets you search for specific posts assigned here where it is or via the registry. This allows you to reach your target audience much better and stand out from other accounts.

#5 Quick Start: Buy Trusted Followers

Every startup is tough, and most startups despair of the slowly increasing number of followers that must be earned with great effort. Buying reliable followers from service providers can be a small start. This gives you a foundation to build on. Additionally, more followers attract more followers. You should make sure that the followers are real Instagram users and that the followers do not jump right after the purchase. Burn Media offers exactly these types of followers and even guarantees to replace potential unfollowers for free.

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