The Top 5 Most Common Garage Door Repairs You Need to Know About

Welcome to our blog post on the top 5 most common garage door repairs you need to know about! As a homeowner, your garage door is an essential part of your daily life. It not only protects one of your biggest investments but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

However, like any other mechanical object, garage doors are prone to malfunctions and damages over time. That’s why it’s crucial for homeowners to be aware of these common repair issues and their solutions. In this article, we’ll discuss five affordable garage door repairs that will keep your door functioning smoothly for years to come!

Garage door opener repair

Garage door opener repair is one of the most common issues that homeowners face with their garage doors. If your garage door doesn’t open or close properly, it could be due to a faulty opener. There are several reasons why your garage door opener may malfunction, such as electrical problems and worn-out parts.

One of the most common signs of a broken garage door opener is when you hear strange noises coming from the machine. Another sign is when the motor runs but the chain or belt does not move. In some cases, it might even make grinding or scraping sounds as it operates.

If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s essential to call a professional technician right away for affordable garage door repair services. They will diagnose your issue and replace any damaged parts if necessary.

Spring replacement

Spring replacement is one of the most common garage door repairs that you need to be aware of. The springs are an essential component of your garage door, responsible for creating tension and allowing for smooth opening and closing.

The lifespan of a spring typically ranges between five to ten years, depending on usage and maintenance. It’s crucial to schedule regular inspections with a professional garage door repair service to identify any signs of wear or damage.

If the springs break or become damaged, it can cause serious safety hazards, as they hold considerable tension. Attempting a DIY repair is not recommended unless you have experience dealing with such components.

Track repairs

One of the most common garage door repairs that homeowners face is track repair. Over time, garage door tracks can become bent or damaged due to wear and tear, causing the door to malfunction or even get stuck.

When it comes to track repairs, there are a few different issues that may need to be addressed. For example, if the track has become misaligned, this could cause the door to come off its rollers or bind up when opening and closing. In some cases, debris like dirt or leaves may also accumulate in the tracks and need to be cleaned out.

Sensor replacement or adjustment

Sensor replacement or adjustment is another common garage door repair that homeowners may need to tackle. The sensors are located on either side of the garage door and work together to prevent accidents by detecting movement during operation.

Over time, these sensors can become misaligned or damaged, preventing them from functioning correctly. This can cause the garage door to fail in opening or closing properly, creating a safety hazard.

Cable replacement

Garage door repair is an essential task that homeowners should not ignore. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can prevent costly replacements in the long run. The top 5 most common garage door repairs include opener repair, spring replacement, track repairs, sensor replacement or adjustment and cable replacement.

While these may seem like minor issues at first glance, they can cause significant inconvenience if left unattended for too long. It’s always best to seek the help of a professional garage door technician who can diagnose the problem accurately and provide affordable solutions.

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