AWS Training in Chandigarh

Amazon Certified AWS Training: What Are the Benefits?

As you know, the business world is very competitive. You have to climb the ladder having with you what it takes to fulfill the conditions for positions of high responsibility. However, in the field of cloud computing, this is not a path strewn with pitfalls as in other areas of computing. Extraordinary skills are in high demand. And since Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the current market leader, taking the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Course in Chandigarh to add a new skill to your resume can help you quickly advance your career.

What is AWS?

AWS is a subscription-based, on-demand cloud computing services platform. It is aimed at individuals as well as professionals or public bodies. As the name suggests, AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon, offering web services to those with complex and scalable application-building projects. It does this by offering storage, development, and management tools, database analysis and management tools, a content delivery management system, and more.

Why has the AWS platform become a Cloud Computing benchmark?

We can say that AWS has had the same success story as Indeed, the cloud computing solutions provided by Amazon Web Services have completely changed the market in this sector, in particular by offering inexpensive and quality services to its customers. For many large enterprises and SMEs, AWS is much more financially attractive than its competitors.

What advantages do you gain by obtaining an AWS certification?

1. Cloud computing is the future for businesses

Today, companies are rushing to migrate to cloud computing. The reasons are many. It is, above all, a question of budget because cloud computing is much more economical while offering speed and several functionalities than local IT infrastructure. Cloud computing also avoids the cumbersome integration and maintenance that entails.

2. An AWS certification is within reach

Many cloud computing platforms offer certifications. But AWS is the only public cloud where certifications are not very expensive. However, obtaining them is not within everyone’s reach, although the costs to be incurred are slight.

Before taking an AWS certification exam, it is recommended that you have the basic knowledge necessary to pass. Hence, choosing the right AWS Training in Chandigarh is important. Additionally, it is possible for you to take an AWS certification while continuing your current job.

3. Certified skills earn more

According to many job boards and labor market studies in the cloud computing industry, AWS Certified Professionals earn well above average salaries.

4. AWS Becomes the Cloud Computing Market Leader

According to Gartner’s report through its Gartner Magic Quadrant, AWS was named the cloud computing market leader for the 11th time in 2021. It should be noted that there are dozens of competitors, and a number are known in the industry ( ex: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, etc.).

This leading position in the cloud computing market is an opportunity that you must seize. This can be a way to have a great career in this field.

5. Your expertise takes off

You want to improve your skills in the field of cloud computing. An AWS certification is the best opportunity for you. Indeed, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification listed on your resume will boost your career. However, you must have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge of AWS.

6. A large community of AWS professionals

Obtaining an AWS certification allows you to join large AWS communities such as those on the professional social network LinkedIn. Here you can network with other AWS Certified Professionals who operate in many companies around the world, including those ranked in the Fortune 100.

7. A CV with much more visibility

An AWS certification allows you to be noticed by organizations during hires. Several multinational companies require that candidates for their job offers be AWS certified and have completed training that has enabled them to acquire best practices on this public cloud. In this sense, by applying with a CV where it is marked that you are AWS certified, you increase your chances of being hired.

8. AWS Certified Qualification is Worth Achieving

Having an AWS certification on your CV allows you to have greater visibility and reach more recruiters. Organizations have more preference for certified professionals. The certification awarded by Amazon proves that they have acquired the best practices to use AWS in an optimal way. Preparatory training for certification exams is a great way to pass them with flying colors and get all the knowledge to work on Amazon’s cloud platform.

9. AWS Certifications Open the Opportunity to Become an AWS Partner for Organizations

Perhaps this advantage does not directly relate to your professional career. But, many organizations become AWS Partners because they have a staff of many AWS Certified Professionals. If you join this type of business, you may have the opportunity to access a wide range of resources and AWS Training Course in Chandigarh that open you up to new opportunities.

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