Why should you use a BMW maintenance Shop vs. the Dealership in Dubai?

BMW maintenance, if you have or lease a BMW or other car, you are aware of how crucial it is to stay on top of regular maintenance. The dealership will make you believe that they are the sole solution to repair your vehicle. However, there are many businesses that are independent BMW Auto Repair Shops are able to complete routine BMW maintenance as well as process recalls and offer warranty services, BMW maintenance. The shop employs ASE Certified Technicians and have special equipment. They also make use of OEM Parts and may offer an aftermarket upgrade that your dealership cannot alter.

A lot of small-scale auto stores are economical and provide a faster turnaround, too. What does this translate to you, and for the BMW? 

BMW Auto Repair ASE Certified Technicians:

What exactly is what is an ASE Certified Technician, and what is the significance of it? ASE is the acronym as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence was established in 1972. They are an independent non-profit organization. Their primary job is to increase the quality of repair services for automobiles by certifying and testing automotive experts. While anybody is able to work on cars, skilled mechanics are trained for years to master the techniques in auto repairs. They must satisfy a set of standards of performance in order to be ASE Certified Technicians.

BMW Factory Training:

Factory-trained mechanics go through a rigorous 16-week STEP training program that focuses on specific factory-built services for one particular model of vehicle. An BMW factory-trained mechanic is knowledgeable in every aspect related to BMW Maintenance, Service and repairs. Training at the factory is offered to anyone who meets the qualifications for admission and is willing to invest in it.

If you decide to take your car to a BMW retailer or to an independently owned BMW repair shop, make sure to search to see an ASE Certified badge. If it’s not prominently displayed, inquire whether their mechanics have factory-specific training or certificates.

BMW Auto Repair Service Equipment:

The most expensive vehicles usually require specialist equipment to detect and fix problems. The equipment is costly and requires training for utilize. BMW dealerships have access to these machines because they work as a team with the auto maker. 

Parts & Aftermarket Parts:

What is OEM Parts? OEM parts comprise Original Equipment Manufacturer parts made directly by the manufacturer. Access to OEM components is completely controlled from the manufacturers.

What are parts that are made for aftermarket? Aftermarket parts are controlled and checked, automotive components made by third-party suppliers. Many automakers offer aftermarket components, and therefore lengthy wait times aren’t common.

BMW Dealerships are mandated by BMW to utilize only OEM parts. There is typically a significant mark-up that is included in the price. However independent auto repair shops are able to utilize OEM components or more affordable aftermarket components. This flexibility could reduce your 20 to 60% components costs all by itself.

BMW Maintenance & Warranty Coverage:

New BMWs usually include a routine maintenance package (oil adjustments basic tune-ups and tires rotation) for a brief period. Of course, this offer isn’t actually cost-free. It’s cost is included in the cost of the car’s sticker and the dealer doesn’t lose money if the services are completed. It is advisable to make use of all the services offered by dealers for as long as they’re still available.

However, certain repairs sometimes fall outside of the free dealer services. If you’re faced with an expensive repair from a dealer search for a lower cost. The individual BMW Auto Repair shops will be delighted to give you an estimate. A lot of independent shops offer complete warranties on parts and service regarding their work.

BMW Auto Repair Personalized Service:

I believe we can all agree that dealers don’t have the personal touch in customer service. They have a very high turnover rate of employees, meaning that it is rare to meet the same person more than once. Service writers in dealerships work on commission, which means their main focus is on upselling services. You don’t have direct contact to your BMW mechanic, which means you must trust those on either the telephone or counter in order to relay your requirements in a precise manner. If you own an older model of car the mechanics will frequently advise that you buy a new model.

Each of the BMW automobile repair services are dependent on each customer’s needs and their focus on your requirements is often specific. The owner of the shop is usually in the back of on the counter in the shop or even inside the garage. This means that you can talk directly with the person responsible for your vehicle’s service. The turnover of employees is typically significantly lower than independent BMW shops because of the relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, BMW shop managers strive to develop long-lasting relationships with their clients. Fortunately, high-pressure sales methods aren’t used in smaller service establishments.

BMW Auto Repair Shop in Dubai:

Services provides a range of maintenance and repair services specifically designed for your car, sedan or SUV. A certified technician will remain in your BMW from beginning to end. We concentrate on providing top-quality repairs and customer service that is friendly, and reasonable prices.

Make an Appointment:

If you have concerns regarding your BMW or you need to take care of a late service item.

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