Can Muslim women go alone on Hajj without a male companion?

All praises and thanks belong to the Almighty Allah, who provided a considerable amount of value to the women’s in Islam. 

According to the Islamic principles, women’s are not allowed to travel alone by herself. Except, there would be a mahram should be along with them.

In the current times, most of the women’s are traveling for Islamic rituals along with their mahrams through Hajj and Umrah Packages All-inclusive.

These packages made it much convenient for all the women to even travel with their kids or any other mahram family member. 

Your presence in this article shows that you are much focused on reading every authentic information that covers this fact. So without any further ado, we are discussing it in the below sections.

Majority of you might also be thinking about the meaning of this word “Mehram”. Mahrams tends to be the Husband, Father, and Brother, who are trustworthy and secure peoples to travel with. 

Except them, no women are allowed to travel and go for the Umrah ritual.

Hadiths that Prohibited the Traveling of Women’s without their mahrams:

Ibn-Umar Narration:

Ibn-e-Umar narrated in an extent that, She (A women) is not allowed to travel for three nights, except if she has a mahram. 

Al Bukhari: 

Ibn-e-Abbas narrated that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said that, A women is not allowed to travel except with a mahram, and a man is not to enter upon her except if she has a mahram.


Abu-Hurairah narrated at one place that the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, It’s not allowed to a women who believes in Almighty Allah and the last day, She is not allowed to travel a distance of one day and night without a mahram with her.


Abu-Said narrated that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, A women are not allowed to travel two days without her husband or any other mahram with her.

There are changes in all of the narrations, and the reason behind it 

There are changes in all of the narrations, and the reason behind it is the different type of question asked by the peoples at that time.

However, these hadiths refer to all of the situations in a women’s life, including Education, Trading, Visiting, or spiritual reasons like Hajj or Umrah.

Why These Rules Apply On Women’s?

Most of the peoples think that these rules are taken for women based on their manners or evil assumption, but there is no truth about these myths.

The primary reason for taking these rules for women’s are to provide them with dignity and reputation in society. 

The reason it’s allocated for the women’s is to provide them with protection from the desires of those who see them with diseases hearts. Moreover, it’s also assigned to the women’s to protect them from the thief and rapists.

There are a lot of wolves who lives in society, who would not provide easiness to the women’s to perform anything, even rituals as well.

So, the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) always reminds this fact by providing different hadiths in various conditions and times. 

In the current time, women’s can easily book their Umrah and Hajj packages from Trusted Hajj Umrah Travel Agency in UK, along with their family member or her kids to go alone conveniently.

Because these packages allow a group of peoples, where you can also find females, they will also be with you in various locations to perform spiritual activities too. 

So, it’s a kind of relief for you as well, when you have a mahram along with you who is younger.

Saudi Arabia Rules for Women to Perform Haj without Male Companion

In 2019, the government of Saudia came up with a radical change. This change now allows the female pilgrims to perform the Umrah or Haj without having any male guardian.

Hajj is a mandatory religious duty for every Muslim around the world, except for those who couldn’t afford it. 

Hajj pilgrims tend to travel in the last month of the Islamic Calendar by traveling to mecca and spend a total of 6 days for Hajj.

According to the new law, every women who are under 45 years of age and wants a hajj visa must need to travel with a mahram. 

However, those women who are more than 45 years of age are allowed to travel for Hajj or umrah. 

But it will only become possible when the women bring a N.O.C. letter from her brother, Husband, or Son. 

After getting approval from the blood-relations, they can travel with an organized group, where other women’s tend to also go for Hajj or Umrah.

All women need to do is to look for a reliable traveling app where they can find Group Umrah Packages and hajj packages

If you are thinking to travel in Ramadan, then you can find Ramadan Umrah packages as well along with Umrah Visa, Flight Tickets, and Transport.

However, women’s can also look for a traveling app to book a group Shifting and non-shifting hajj packages as well.

These rules only apply to Sunni sect women, as Shia scholars have ruled that women can travel alone if they are sure that they will be safe.

Hajj Conditions for a Widow/divorced:

The women who recently lost her husband is not allowed to go for umrah or Hajj. As per the Islamic rules, women must need to get free from the post-divorces or the mourning period.

When she gets free from it, the Islamic rules and the Saudi Arabia rules allow them to come and perform the rituals.

But, the thing that these women must need to keep in their mind is that it’s admissible for them to take the permission of their son, father, or brother.

Moreover, a widow must also need to be more than 45 years of age to perform the ritual. However, after getting permission, women can quickly look for a travelling app and can book umrah and hajj packages.


Although, the women are allowed to go for umrah and Hajj without a male companion through a group of pilgrims as per the Saudi rules. But, the thing we all should keep in our mind is that the order of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) matters a lot to all of us.

So, every women should need to go with their blood relations which are considered as mahrams in Islam to perform the holy rituals more peacefully.

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