Comprehensive Guide on Discord Text Formatting

Discord is one of the most popular text-based chat and voice call platforms. It creates an environment where many people can come together to play games, discuss something, and have a good time overall. When it comes to the chat part you may have come across people using different writing formats. Sometimes, it can be italics or sometimes it can be strikethroughs, etc. This is all referred to as the Discord Text formatting. In this article, I will tell you all about Discord text formatting. So, stick to the end. 

Discord Markdown

Before we get into the guide for Discord text formatting and its different types it is important to know how it actually works. Discord Markdown is a lightweight markup language used in the Discord chat platform to format text messages. It allows users to add various formatting options to their messages, such as bold, italic, underlined, and strikethrough text, as well as code blocks, inline code, quotes, and hyperlinks.

Consequently, it is widely used by programmers and designers to create readme files, documentation, blogs, forums, and other things. Many well-known websites, like GitHub, Reddit, and Stack Exchange, employ Markdown  for user interactions.

What is Strikethrough Discord Text

The Discord Strikethrough is a technique for conveying the idea that something has been crossed out, eliminated, or is no longer valid without actually erasing the text. Using the strikethrough formatting feature, you can simply add a line through your text. This could be useful for editing texts, adding humour, or conveying sarcasm or humour.

To apply the strikethrough formatting in Discord, simply wrap the text you want to strike through with two tildes (~~) on either side, like this:

strikethrough text

When the message is sent, the text within the tildes will appear with a line through it, indicating that it has been strikethrough.

How to Format Text in Discord?

Now that we’ve seen how to strikethrough Discord text with plain punctuation, let’s see how to format text in Discord for other commonly used text formats.

italicized text

Discord Italics are widely used to highlight information, communicate a certain tone, or distinguish text from nearby content. By using it you can also format your text so that it appears in an italicised font. To apply the italics formatting in Discord, simply wrap the text you want to appear in italics with a single asterisk (*) on either side, like this:

When the message is sent, the text within the asterisks will appear in an italicized font, indicating that it has been italicized.

Bold Text

To make text bold in Discord, you can use Markdown formatting by surrounding the text with double asterisks (text). 

Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + B” to quickly bold text in the Discord text box. Simply highlight the text you want to make bold and press “Ctrl + B” on your keyboard. The text will automatically be surrounded by double asterisks and appear in bold.

Underline Text

Underlines are lines drawn under text. In the age of the typewriter, underlining text is the primary way to underline text, but we’ve replaced that method with italics in the modern generation of computer documents. 

Discord allows you to underline text by adding two underscores (_) before and after the text. For example, if your message is “How to underline  text in Discord” and you want to underline the words “underline text”, type:

I hope now you know what Discord text formatting is and how you can use the strikethrough and italics to make yourself look distinct and funnier. For more such articles, do follow Onlinegeeks.

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