Difference Between Herkimer Diamond And Crystal Quartz – The Gemologist’s Eye

These days Gemstone Jewelry has made everyone go crazy behind them. No one wants to miss this precious Gemstone Jewelry as they own a separate level of charm that is unmatched. Also, people are highly concerned about their looks. This is major because everyone judges you based on your style and fashion. So no one is ready to compromise on their fashion and that’s why it has become so important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. But when it comes to Gemstone Jewelry, people sometimes get confused between two different Gemstones because of their similarities in looks. Today we are going to discuss one such pair of Gemstone Jewelry which has always confused customers. We are talking about Herkimer Diamond Jewelry and Crystal Quartz Jewelry, both are highly impressive as Gemstone Jewelry but due to similarity in looks they create a lot of confusion. So let’s begin now and discuss these two precious Gemstone Jewelry and Know about the difference between the two.

What are Crystal Quartz and Herkimer Diamond Jewelry?

Crystal Quartz – It is one of the most fascinating pieces of Gemstone Jewelry and is available all over the world. This makes it one of the most abundant Gemstone Jewelry and also makes it come under a very affordable range of price. It is a six-sided prismatic crystal that is often terminated by a pyramid-shaped tip. It has great significance as Fashion Jewelry as it has a majestic shine associated with it. That’s why wearing Crystal Quartz Rings and Crystal Quartz Earrings can make anyone look more Glamorous and stylish.

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Herkimer Diamond – Herkimer on the other hand is a very selective Gemstone Jewelry. It was first found in Herkimer City, which has made it popular as Herkimer Diamond Jewelry. It has got a high resemblance to the Diamond, however, it is not related to the Diamond at all. It is known for its distinctive geometric shape and exceptional clarity, resembling actual diamonds. Thus one can say that Herkimer Diamond is a common man’s Diamond which can satisfy their fantasy of wearing a fashionable piece of Diamond Jewelry. From a distance, it is almost impossible to determine the difference between real Diamond Jewelry and Herkimer Diamond Jewelry. But by close observation, it is possible to differentiate based on shine and other factors.

Now let’s move forward toward the difference between the two in appearance.

The appearance of Crystal Quartz and Herkimer Diamond!

Well, this is one of the biggest confusions. Both have a high similarity in looks as both are transparent and possess a good shining texture. So what’s the way to identify the difference between the two?

Well, you can do so by comparing the level of transparency and shining. Remember that Herkimer Diamond has much more transparency and possesses an internal reflection system which provides it a better look than Crystal Quartz. So you can differentiate them based on this.

The difference as Birthstone Jewelry!

One more important factor which differentiates two Gemstone Jewelry is that they are associated with different zodiac signs as Birthstone Jewelry.

Crystal Quartz is a Gemstone Jewelry that is typically not associated with any single Gemstone Jewelry as it is believed to be beneficial for all. Crystal Quartz Jewelry has a huge impact on a person’s personality as it is believed to bring calmness, maturity, clarity of thought, and composure to one’s personality. This allows the person to have a better analysis of life and make wise decisions to move ahead positively.

Whereas Herkimer Diamond Jewelry is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries are people who are full of love and affection and that’s why Herkimer Diamond Gemstone fills their life with more positivity and happiness. It makes them feel more relaxed and also helps them to stay away from negative thinking. It allows them to have control over their overthinking problems and become a more dedicated person toward their goals in life.

Which is More Durable?

One more important factor regarding any Gemstone Jewelry is its Durability. These days people want to have the complete value of their money spent. That’s why good Durability is one factor that everyone looks for. Comparing Herkimer Diamond Jewelry and Crystal Quartz Jewelry based on their Durability is also a tough decision to make as both have a good level of hardness associated with it i.e.around 7 on Mohr’s Scale. So both Gemstones can be used daily in the form of Herkimer Diamond Pendants or Crystal Quartz Rings.

But still one can consider Crystal Quartz a preferable option because Herkimer Diamond Jewelry has a high level of shining texture which is more prone to getting damaged or contaminated because of use in sunlight or water. Whereas Crystal Quartz turns out to be more helpful for such uses. Also likewise, Herkimer Diamond has a bit superior nature to normal Crystal Quartz Jewelry.

So these were some of the major differences between the two. But remember that both have done a great job as Gemstone Jewelry and have huge fan bases all over the world. Herkimer Diamond Jewelry like Herkimer Diamond Necklaces and Herkimer Diamond Earrings are preferable for high-intensity occasions Whereas one can find Crystal Quartz Jewelry like Crystal Quartz Rings and Crystal Quartz Pendants more suitable for daily use because of their professional look and stylish appearance.

So both are perfect in their way. So if you’re also looking for a perfect fit Gemstone Jewelry, then do not waste more time and buy yourself a stunning piece of Gemstone Jewelry as it will take good care of your life and will increase your beauty as well. One of the most amazing Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers for you is Rananjay Exports as they have got a huge range of Gemstone Jewelry Collections with the latest trending pieces. Also, they use standard Sterling silver Jewelry and quality Gemstones whmakeakes a perfect combination.

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