7 Garage Makeover Ideas During Home Renovation

Are you considering a home renovation shortly and have started scheduling the work already? Before you march ahead with your plans, make sure to discuss with experts who know the job. Be it spring or summer, it is a good time to remove clutter from your garage, but if you want to take this work a bit ahead, garage renovation might be on the cards. The garage is usually an under-utilised space and if you have one for two cars, it is good to think about adding zeal to this space through a meaningful makeover.

Here is what renovation contractors in Vancouver may suggest –

  1. Get design upgrades
  2. The experts can do a lot of things during the makeover of the garage but a lot depends on how you want to transform the space. Do you want to create a music room in your garage? Do you want it to act like an outside kitchen or a full living unit? It is all about adding a few wow elements to make the garage attractive. While the experts recommend design upgrades, you can do your homework and suggest ideas about how you want it to look. But do not feel overwhelmed with the upgrades and design the garage realistically so that it turns out to be of real use.

    Will the garage be hotter than you expect?

    Yes, the garage is going to be hotter than the interiors but you will always find a way to regulate the temperature of the space to feel comfortable during summer and winter. If you are going for complete home renovations in Vancouver, be sure to talk to the contractor about dedicating time for the garage makeover later or earlier. You cannot renovate the interior and the exterior at the same time. Try to analyse the temperature of the locality before applying temperature regulation tactics.

  3. Upgrading the floor
  4. Are you turning a portion of the garage into an entertainment unit? Do you know how to upgrade the floor?  If you are planning to have a living unit in the garage, you must not compromise the quality of the floor. Try to discuss flooring options with home renovation companies in BC that are suitable for the garage area. That way, you will have plenty of ideas and install the best flooring options to choose from. From versatile colours, textures, and patterns, you will have a lot of aspects to screen to pick the right option.

  5. Raising the floor
  6. You cannot go ahead with flooring installation at once. Try to raise the floor to a great extent so that you can install the flooring of your choice appropriately. It also helps in safeguarding the space from weather vagaries.

  7. Soundproofing the walls and the door
  8. The garage is located at the entrance of the house. Naturally, it might turn out to be noisier than you expect. That is why you need to make the doors and the walls soundproof to ensure that the living space you are upgrading it to is comfortable. You surely do not want to be disturbed by the traffic or any other sound in the neighbourhood.

  9. Improve the look of the garage from outside
  10. Let’s face it. You are all set to improve the appearance of the garage from the inside but that does not mean that you should neglect it from the outside. Make sure that the space from the outside is as appealing as the interiors. You can have colour variations or a fascinating show door that makes the area look like a residence. If you are searching for reputed construction companies in Vancouver handling extensive renovation projects, connect with Roadhouse Homes. They are a full-service contractor offering home renovation in Vancouver and are naturally revered by all.

  11. Installing windows
  12. Your garage never had windows before but to convert it to a living space, you need to install windows. You have to consider the length of the windows at first as the area is usually dark and you need to encourage more light to enter the area. Consult with the experts and make sure you install windows that not only bring light but also help in air circulation.

During a garage makeover, you need to coat the floor properly to avoid dampness and moisture. You can also add décor elements to make it look like a living area. Follow the tips mentioned above and consult with experts to make your garage makeover appropriate for living.

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