How Can You Tell When You’re Volkswagen servicing Need a Service in Dubai?

Volkswagen servicing, when the VW vehicle is in a flexible service regime and a light for service displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle will light up when it’s time to take the VW vehicle to be cleaned. Sensors detect the degrading of oil and calculate the oil change requirement. For the majority of cars this usually happens at 15,000km or every 12 months, Volkswagen servicing.

In the event that you’re VW vehicle is on fixed Service program the service light will illuminate automatically at least every 12 months or 15,000KM, or when it happens first.

When your service light comes up, we suggest that you go to your local VW service center located in Melbourne that utilizes genuine parts and factory-approved equipment and also get a logbook repair.

How often should I have the VW service?

Based on your style of driving or the kind of journey you take and the climate of your region various elements can affect how often you require to have a maintenance. The best method to know what maintenance plan is recommended for the VW automobile is to read the owner’s manual, or talk to a professional VW mechanic.

In general it is the VW maintenance schedule is built around increments that are 15,000 kilometers. After the first 15K miles of driving, it’s probable that the Volkswagen will require an oil and filter change and an overall inspection. After 30,000KM, the same maintenance required at 15,000KM will be needed, but you’ll likely need additional maintenance.

Other maintenance and inspections may are:

Brake Fluid


Leaks (within the engine area and below vehicle)

Headlight Controls

Wiper Blades

Tyre Pressure


Depending on the type of driving you prefer and driving style… Each service will differ and the cost of maintenance may change at the beginning of each scheduled service. For a price estimate on the coming VW maintenance in Melbourne Click here

Can I skip My VW service?

As a guideline always make sure you don’t miss an appointment for a scheduled service. To save money in the long run as well as reduce fuel costs and prolong the longevity of your vehicle we recommend that you stay current with your maintenance schedule and make regular visits to your VW service center in Melbourne in accordance with the schedule, Volkswagen servicing.

For a more in-depth explanation read our article on ‘Why you shouldn’t avoid a car service’.

What happens if my VW has a tune?

If your vehicle is fitted with an engine tune or some type of calibration using software or hardware the repair and service schedule could differ. Hardware upgrades like intakes or exhaust systems, as well as intercoolers can affect the performance of your vehicle. We recommend a regular maintenance and repair schedules because the upgrades to hardware require more concentration from a trained professional.

VW Factory Recommendations:

Our VW servicing suggestions are based on instructions from the factory of VW. For more details and recommendations we invite you to contact us for more information about VW servicing near you.

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