How to customize the category Facebook page

How to customize the category Facebook page

On this page, we will discuss, among other things, how to change the category to Buy Facebook Page Likes UK and why. You can change the page category unlimited, so as often as you want. The change is implemented immediately and is immediately visible. 

The steps below (below the line) no longer apply. Facebook has changed the way it is done. From now on it has become even easier!

1: Log in to your profile

2: Click INFO in the left menu bar

3: Directly under the heading ‘general’ is the category. Behind the category is ‘Edit’ and you can click on that.

Step 4: Categories may already have something filled in. Adding often doesn’t work, but adjusting it is. To do this, you must first delete the current category. You do this by clicking on the cross directly behind the indicated category. Then you can come up with a category and save it.

Adjustments are allowed unlimited and will be processed immediately on your page. If you don’t like the chosen category, you can simply adjust it again.

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Where do people see the category of my Facebook page

►The location where people can see which category your Facebook page falls under is at the top right, below the cover photo. See the image below.

How do I change the category of my Page?

►Click on ‘info’ on the left side of your page. This is in the left menu under ‘Home’. See image.

Which categories can I choose from

You have a main category and a subcategory. The subcategory goes a little deeper into the main category.

Below you can Buy Facebook Followers Uk. Click one of the main categories so that you can see which subcategories fall under it.

Why change the category?

There can be 2 reasons to change your category. The first reason is that there is a more suitable main or subcategory that better matches your page.

The second reason is that when the category page is set to ‘music/band’, the delivery of likes is very slow and laborious. That is why we ask you to temporarily adjust the category. Once you have received all the likes, you can easily reset the category. This has no further consequences and the new category is immediately visible.

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