How to develop confidence in Yourself; a guide for Underperformers

‘Confidence is the key to success’. We hope you must have come across this phrase somewhere or might have listened from your elders. But how many people grasp it? Maybe not all. And this is what needs to be taken seriously. Having no faith in yourself to excel in any field will always make you a failure or an underperformer. And believe it there is no respect for people who lack self-faith in themselves. 

Lack of confidence only makes you weaker

Some students become very panicky when it comes to online result checking. They fear failure in any of the subjects. Well, the reason for this fear to erupt in minds is only when they are familiar with the fact that their preparation for the exam was not well as it should be. A student who is well-prepared for the exam need not have to feel butterflies in his stomach. This is because he is so much confident to excel. Such students wait only for the dates. Rest they are familiar with the results. 

Being confident is not just applicable in the case of school students but also to working employees in an organization. Those who are not sure about their tasks often lag behind those who are confident to excel in all fields. Having no faith in yourself can affect your mental aptitude, your personality, and of course your performance. All are interrelated to each other. 

You must have also noticed that people who don’t seem confident always live in fear and no happiness. Now the question what is that key that generates self-belief in a person to excel in whatever task he is assigned to? Well, today we are going to list down those key ways to become a confident person. Do read this blog till the end. 

How to generate confidence in yourself

Below are some of the strategies that if implemented can help you in your professional life. 

Try taking up bigger tasks

Try giving yourself a challenge to achieve big goals. This will make you feel better about yourself. Start with regular tasks and plan out a strategy to complete them by today and not leaving up for tomorrow. When you experience success, then people will start appreciating you. 

Keeping track of your performance

Do not get inclined to rest after experiencing your first success. Take it as a stepping ladder to climb more. There is a famous quote by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who says that do not be happy with your first success because if you fail next time then people will consider your previous success a mere luck. Hence, you need to monitor your progress be it getting a promotion in your office, getting a better-paying job, flipping careers, and maintaining a strict proper diet. Try to be strict towards yourself. 

Practice a hobby that you have never experienced

Don’t get stuck to things that you know already. This won’t uplift you to know new things. That is why you must try learning new things that you have never come across or have experienced before. Like say if you have never experienced swimming due to fear of getting drowned in water, then do push yourself to practice swimming. Once you start getting better at it, then this will enhance your confidence to experiment in other fields as well. 

Do regular exercises

Doing regular exercise daily in the morning hour will help you calm your mind and make you free from the stress and anxiety that pulls your confidence down. It will help in improving your memory power, make you active, and will enhance your concentration. 

Stop finding an escape route, face challenges

It has been noticed that people often find an escape route to back out from facing challenges. They need to change this approach as it will only downgrade their performance and will become a butt of jokes among confident people. So if you want to avoid making yourself mockery in front of people then start facing challenges no matter how hard they are. 


So these are some of the ways through which you can inculcate confidence in yourself and can improve your academic grades. These are also applicable to underperforming professionals who are always at risk of getting fired from their jobs. But with confidence, they can retain their job and can switch to better opportunities on their way. 

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