Machine Embroidery: Here Is How You Need To Fix the Mistakes

You love embroidering but when it comes to using a machine, you may often go wrong. It may be that you threaded a colour that you shouldn’t have or the machine stopped suddenly amid your sewing work. Is it possible to fix embroidery mistakes? If you are stitching on an expensive fabric or things that you need to deliver professionally such mistakes may be very scary.

Here are the embroidery mistakes you need to consider and find the best solutions to fix them.

  • Picking the right fabric
  • When starting an embroidery project, make sure you explore a few models of Pfaff sewing machines in Canada and get what you think is right for stitching the materials. Choosing the right make and model of the sewing machine will help you achieve the best results. Secondly, you need to know what kind of fabrics you are planning to sew. Is the embroidery going to be dense? Is it going to be subtle? Are you planning to use threads of different colours when sewing? Get answers to these questions first to determine whether the sewing machine model and the fabric supports the stitching types, and the threads you are planning to use. Try to avoid using low-quality fabric as it may be prone to distortion. Try consulting with an expert beforehand to prevent making mistakes.

  • Using the same needles?
  • Another of the commonest mistakes that people make during machine embroidery is not changing the needles often. Wondering how you will judge this mistake? It is simple. You will experience threads breaking away too soon. Now, you may ask how long would the needles last. It depends on the fabric and the model of the machine you are using.

    Try contacting Pfaff dealers in Canada supplying the best-quality machines. That way, you will gain a better understanding of the functionality of the machine and the kind of needles to use for this purpose. You need to change the needles as soon as they stop performing to the level of your satisfaction. Furthermore, you need to be careful when shopping for needles and not only just buy high-quality products that suit your kind of application.

  • Incorrect hooping
  • Are you hooping the fabric incorrectly? Hooping randomly may create an imprinted circle, which may be difficult to remove. When using garments that are a little difficult to handle, you need to stabilise the garment with a layer of backing. Make sure what kind of backing is appropriate for different types of fabric.

  • Not using a stabiliser
  • Now, using a stabiliser is a must-have when you are embroidering using a sewing machine from Pfaff. If you are not yet familiar with the function of a stabiliser, you need it to keep the garment in place when embroidering. The kind of stabiliser you choose is another important decision to make. For instance, to use it as backing for stretchy fabrics, you need to get a cut-away stabiliser while the tear-away stabiliser should be suitable for heavy-duty fabrics. Besides, using the right kind of stabiliser, try to hoop it correctly and securely. Typically, the hooping needs to be pulled tight.

  • Not using the correct thread
  • How good are you when choosing the thread of your sewing machine? Do not just get hold of any thread for embroidering on fabrics and feel disappointed later.

  • Do not embroider without test stitching
  • Do not start embroidering on the fabric without testing the machine.  When you test stitch on a piece of fabric, you will get an opportunity to know what the finished fabric will look like. That way, you can decide whether it is right to move ahead with your embroidery project.

  • Cutting the threads shorter
  • Experts recommend that you need to cut the threads shorter but if you are wondering why, the primary reason is that the thread tends to break or wear out when the fabric move in and out during embroidering. Moreover, using long threads may not make your fabric as attractive as it should be. Finally, long threads tend to become tangled or form knots.

    If your machine malfunctions, you will need a sewing machine repair service right away and if you live in the Okanagan Valley, the best place to head to is Linda’s Quilt Shoppe. They are one of the largest stores selling different brands of new and used machinery and offer repair services as well. With over 150 years in this, field, you can give their services a try.

Embroidering on a sewing machine may lead to mistakes and it is perfectly natural, especially if you are a beginner. What is more important is learning from the mistakes and not repeating them so that you are happy with the outcome.

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