How to make a microwave silent

A microwave is a versatile kitchen appliance that is used for cooking and heating leftovers. When in use, they can be noisy, which can be bothersome, especially if you have a small living space or a sleeping baby nearby. Here are some tips “How to make a microwave silent”:

  1. Check the rotating plate:

When a microwave is being used, the rotating plate can become misaligned, causing it to make noise. Verify that the rotating plate is in its proper position and spinning smoothly. It may need to be realigned or replaced if it is not aligned correctly.

  1. Check the microwave feet:

Noise may also be caused by the feet of the microwave if they are not level or if they are worn out. If necessary, replace the feet if they are not level.

  1. Check the door seals:

Over time, microwave door seals can wear out, causing noise when used. Make sure the door seals are in good condition and replace them if necessary.

  1. Use a soundproofing mat:

Soundproofing mats can help reduce microwave noise. You can absorb some of the sound waves by placing a mat under the microwave.

  1. Use a microwave cover:

Using a microwave cover can help reduce noise by preventing the food from splattering and making noise as it heats up. A microwave cover can also help prevent food from drying out.

  1. Move the microwave:

If none of the above tips work, consider moving the microwave to a location where it will not bother anyone, such as a corner of the kitchen or a pantry.

Using a soundproof mat, microwave cover, or rotating plate can all help to make your microwave more silent. Consider moving the microwave to a different location if none of these tips work.

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