How to Organize your Cheap Holidays Trip to Florence?

If you are tired from your daily hectic routine and wanted to explore some places in Italy. Florence is a city known as the “jewel of Renaissance Italy”. This place is full of all the fashionable-attired locals and architectural treasures. A place full of styles and beauty for the visitors. So, if you are planning a family holiday or a couple’s honeymoon in Italy. Florence is one of the best places to visit and spend your day. To have a memorable trip, here is a list to visit with al the Florence holiday deals.

Florence: A Renaissance Masterpiece:

This place is known as one of the Renaissance masterpieces of all time. One of the world’s top cultural cities and a home full of Renaissance treasures. Once you start your journey for spending your trip of cheap holidays to Florence, visit the Uffizi Gallery first. This place is full of the finest workpieces by Renaissance masters such as Leonardo de Vinci, Raphael, and Botticelli. Not only this but here you can also have the iconic statue of David made by Michelangelo ad many other Accademia sculptures.

Florence Old Cathedral:

During your trip to the historical Piazza del Duomo, you can find Florence’s stunning Cathedral with Giotto’s Bell Tower and Octagonal-shaped Baptistery. If you are visiting this place, you are just 363 steps away from getting the spectacular city skyline view from the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome. This is known as one of the highest skyline points in central Florence.

Tuscan Tranquility:

If you are in Florence and want an escape from the city bustle, you should cross the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge to Piazzale Michelangelo.  While being in Florence this place is one of the few places where you can admire the sweeping views across Florence. While your visit to this city you can also go and relax in the manicured garden of Boboli and Bardini. Moreover, you can have a walk to the north side of the city with a beautiful view of the rustic retreat of Fiesole which is located above Florence on hillsides.

Go for Shopping:

When you are in Florence, visiting the vibrant markets is one of the best things. Here you can browse the best malls and stalls to buy things that you love. These unique shops and leather markets are full of people. Moreover, during your visit, you can cross the river while using boats to go to the quieter Piazza Santo Spirito. Here you can visit the street stalls and get the best things at your bargain rates. Apart from the street markets, there is a special marketplace named the Mercato Centrale. This place is full of traditional food stands on one floor while others have the best dining halls and bars.

Award-winning Wines:

There is a place in Florence, Tuscany, that is known for its verdant vineyards and wines. So, if you are having a trip to Florence, don’t forget to drink their wines. They are one of the world’s best wines of all time. But there is a thing if you want to enjoy the best wine of all time in Florence, visit the local wine yards.

Holidays to Rome and Florence:

There are a couple of best places to visit if you are planning to have a Rome and Florence trip.

Here is a list that you can follow if you are coming from the United Kingdom to Rome and then to Florence for an 8 to 10 days trip. No matter, if you are having a honeymoon trip or the family trip.

Florence holiday deals

Travel from UK to Rome: Day 1

When you are coming from Uk the first stop is to check in your hotel in Rome for some rest. Before moving out to explore the beautiful city of Rome book a hotel, where you can take some rest. In the afternoon, move out to stroll up the Spanish steps and appreciate the beautiful view. Visit the iconic Trevi Fountain in the evening in Rome. This place will give you a soothing impact. Apart from visiting this beautiful fountain, you can have the best dinner with delicious Antipasti platters.

Explore Rome: Days 2 to 4

So, if you are in Rome for an 8-to-10-day trip, it is suggested to explore Rome for some more days. This place is full of many exciting places like some top attractions like The Colosseum and the Vatican museums. This museum is full of all the art collections has the unforgettable Sistine Chapel and Rome’s greatest Temple of all time named St. Peter’s Basilica. This temple is one of the first places to visit once you are up in the morning. Then, visit the place named Piazza Navona. This place is full of multiple dining restaurants.

Rome to Florence: Day 5

There is enjoyment in Rome, now book a train or a flight from Rome to Florence. If you are catching a train from Rome Termini Station to Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station Florence. So, when you arrive in Florence city book your centrally located hotel for some rest. Then in the afternoon leave your hotel and visit the spectacular city. The best place to visit here is the Piazza Della Signoria.

Roam around the City of Florence: Day 6

It is suggested to roam the city of Florence on day 6. Start your day while visiting the Duomo, then see Michelangelo’s David. Don’t forget to visit the Uffizi Gallery as this place is full of Renaissance masterpieces. Now visit the rooftop bar for the best wines of all time before finishing your day.  

Florence: Day 7

So, here comes your second last day in Florence. Spend your day visiting the nearby city tower named Pisa. This is one of the famous architectural marvels. It is suggested to visit the Piazza Dei Miracoli for the handling of the Baptistery before going to any other place to experience the authentic side with tree-lined avenues.

Last day: Florence to UK:

Now, here comes the last day. It’s time to say goodbye to Florence. Check out from your hotel and book a flight or either catch a train to go back to the UK.

Summing Up:

So, if you want to have a cheap holiday trip from Uk to Rome and Florence, choose the traveling company that is offering an all-inclusive holiday trip to Rome and Florence.

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