How to Take Care of Your Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is by far, one of the most beautiful and elegant gems in the market. Its alluring beauty and glamour have made jewelry lovers fall for its beauty. Besides, what makes even the best choice is that it is one of the hard-occurring gemstones in the world.

Being quite hard and long-lasting, it doesn’t mean that citrine doesn’t demand any care and concern. Alike all other raging and beautiful gems, you can preserve the utterly glamorous and sparkling beauty of ruby only if you handle and wear it with thorough care. And for that, it becomes imperative to follow some crucial tips and tricks to properly take care of your ruby jewelry.

Use Soap-Solution To Clean It

Soap solution cleaning technique is by far, one of the most effective and convenient ways to clean all types of gems and jewels. This technique has been proven to be highly effective in restoring the lost charm and elegance of gems ranging from opal to rubies.

And the best part, you don’t need to get concerned about where to procure the ingredients. They all would be easily available. Just adhere to this simple Guide and your eyes will get glows upon seeing how beautiful your ruby jewelry will appear, post Cleansing with a soap solution.

  • Pour lukewarm water into a container
  • Mix some traces of soap or detergent and mix it well with the water to obtain a solution. Make sure the soap or the detergent you are using is free of any harmful chemicals or other similar ingredients
  • Take the jewelry specimen you wish to clean and simply put it in the solution and leave it undisturbed for sometime
  • Moving further, take a brush having delicate bristles and gently rub it against the surface to remove that coating of oil and dust particles
  • Beware of not applying ruthless pressure or else it could lead to the deformation of your ruby jewelry
  • Although the stone would not get broken, still it could get deformed because of an unwanted pressure or thrust
  • And if you think that the stone is strong enough to sustain that pressure, then this misconception can cost you that exquisite piece of ruby jewelry
  • After a few minutes, take out that jewelry specimen and clean it using a dry cloth
  • Make sure there should be no traces of soap left on the surface of your ruby jewelry

Keep Them at a Safe Distance from Chemicals

Gemstone jewelry including ruby and diamond jewelry, comes with a lasting and unparalleled elegance that could be worn to surge the beauty and aesthetics of the wearer on special occasions. Although they can also be adorned everyday, but their glamour tends to add a charm of grace to those exquisite attires.

On that festive evening or your wedding anniversary, you might have a lot of make-up products scattered here and there near your jewelry products. Chances are these could leave stains on the surface of those sparking and sizzling specimens of gemstone jewelry.

On coming into contact with ruby jewelry, it can lead to the stone getting discolored or appearing quite dull and fainting. Better to keep gemstone jewelry at a farther distance from those chemically-loaded cosmetics.

Properly Storage

Even being one of the hardest-occurring gemstones, storing ruby properly is a prerequisite if you want your ruby jewelry to beautify your personality with a long-lasting and unparalleled elegance.

And when it comes to storing ruby, the foremost tip you should keep in mind is to make sure that you are storing ruby separately, Away from other gems of your jewelry collection.

This is because if you have packed them with other jewelry ornaments made up of opal, aquamarine, etc, then they may end up getting damaged or deformed on banging against ruby. The only gem that ruby can’t cause damage is the diamond.

Furthermore, always go for air-tight plastic bags or zip locks to ensure that humidity or moisture can’t penetrate the surface of your ruby jewelry. Avoid keeping jewelry containing rubies in high levels of moisture or humidity. Additionally, keep it away from hot and cold conditions.

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Ultrasound for an Effective Cleansing

To clean jewelry, including rubies, ultrasonic technology employs high-frequency sound waves. This method, if used incorrectly, might also damage the stone. The tiny vibrations produced by ultrasound cleaning could cause the ruby to fracture or split. Any internal cracks in the ruby could become worse because to the ultrasonic pulses, which could cause extra damage.

If you decide to clean your ruby using ultrasound, make sure the stone is securely set in the jewelry and that the ultrasound machine is set to the appropriate frequency for gemstones. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that, even if the treatment can be removed, ultrasound cleaning is not suggested for rubies that have received filler or other compound treatments.

Make sure to Keep it Away from Water

As far as ruby Jewelry is concerned, water does not cause as much harm to it as it can do to other gems like opal and moonstone. The reason is, Ruby is quite hard and stable. Still, to be on the shape side, make sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t lose the shine and shimmer of your ruby jewelry.

Prolonged exposure to speedy or unfiltered water can dull the shine and shimmer of your ruby jewelry. In the worst-case scenario, the stone may end up getting tarnished and cloudy.

Therefore, it is always advised to refrain from taking a bath or doing swimming or engaging in any water sport activity while adorning a ruby bracelet or any other piece of jewelry. Water may prove to be quite a threatening substance for the beauty and elegance of ruby specimens, particularly those coated with fillers or other compounds.

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