The Importance of Wearing OnGuard Safety Glasses for These 6 Activities

The world is filled with dangers to your eyes. Most individuals experience life not thinking about the number of flying particles, chemicals, and random objects that could harm their eyes. If you work in an industry, that necessitates the use of eye protection to prevent serious work-related accidents. When you realize that everything from dirt to bright lights can cause blinding harm, you begin to see the world from a different perspective. At that time, you should wear Onguard glasses products like onguard220s and onguard 220fs. There are numerous activities for which top-grade eye protection is crucial and many people don’t care about it.

Sometimes people skip the option of safety glasses because they don’t have any eye protection, and other times they have safety glasses but don’t want to wear them over their regular spectacles. Prescription safety glasses can help with this. Prescription safety glasses offer you a clear view, you’ll be able to protect your eyes whether at home or whenever you participate in a slightly risky activity. Here are a few dangerous activities that need safety glasses, and you must use them.


Welding is extremely hazardous to the eyes than other occupations. While operating with heat, it produces an extraordinarily bright light that the human eye should never see. To avoid spots in your retinas, you need specially colored lenses, which are commonly included with onguard 220s prescription safety glasses. Furthermore, welding frequently sends extremely hot elements flying in the air, which should be avoided. As a result, welders typically wear gloves, heavy clothing from head to toe, and substantial eye protection.

Playing sport

Sports are one of the most common activities that are related to eye protection. Most individuals don’t put on safety eyewear before heading to the tennis court or a game of baseball. However, there is always the risk of eye injury when working in a projectile-filled environment. Wear a pair of comfortable rx safety glasses while playing games. It not only protects your eyes during the game, but it also provides you with a secure, impact-resistant set of safety glasses to use on the pitch.


When dealing with construction materials, eye protection is required at all times. Even if you’re only gluing furniture together, it’s a good idea to wear protective glasses because wood chips or stray nail comes into contact with your eyes. It is far preferable to wear safety eyewear than to injure one or both of your valuable eyeballs. This is especially critical if you are cutting or installing materials. Thus, construction material in the air can surely harm your eyes. Thus, it is a solid reason to wear onguard 220fs prescription safety glasses with a safety helmet.


Keep in mind that chemicals can be harmful to your eyes. It is still true even if you’re working with cleaning solutions at home. Cleaning solutions are extremely hazardous to the eyes, and even the vapors can be harmful. When handling chemicals like bleach or ammonia at home, use extreme caution and wear high-quality safety glasses. Protect your eyes with protective eyewear from chemical solutions and put them out of the reach of small children and pets.

Yard work

However, yard work is less dangerous than welding, and involves a startling quantity of projectiles. You can get throwing leaves directly in your face when you are trimming bushes, pruning trees, or even mowing the lawn with a power mower. Wearing safety glasses while gardening and yard work will protect your face from falling debris and stray branches. Wearing onguard 220s safety glasses while cutting wood is also a good idea.

Bike riding

Riding a bike is one of the most dangerous sports anyone can get into an accident, and safety eyewear is essential for riding as safely as possible. Most bikers cover their entire body, including thick leather boots, pants, and jackets, with helmets and protective glasses. Motorcycle-styled safety glasses are among the most popular. People who require visual correction must wear safety helmets with their safety glasses if they do not wear motorcycle glasses.

It is all about preparation if you want to live a busy existence full of exciting and helpful activities. With a set of rx safety glasses, you can easily face any hazards in a work setting.

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