PAT Test Certificate as well as EICR tests in London

If you’re in search of EICR testing or PAT testing company in the London region, PAT Test Certificate is here to assist.

We are a group of electrical engineers in London and providing PAT testing to restaurants, offices shops, schools, and other establishments. In addition to the PAT test, we provide EICR as well as a broad assortment of other electrical conformity services.

Testing for PAT in London:

Testing for PAT (electrical equipment) testing occurs an electrical engineer who is certified examines the electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe for use. If you require testing for PAT in London or around the area, PAT Test Certificate is your company of preference.

Our engineers from London will test the entirety of your building and test it on weekends and evenings without charge.

EICR (fixed conductivity testing of wires) in London:

EICR is the test of electrical devices like wiring, plug sockets, and fuse boxes. This is a way to protect rentals and residential properties from danger of electrical fire. Our electrical experts will ensure that your property is safe and in compliance and will provide you with a complete electrical certificate/EICR document to show this.

We also provide thermal imaging to detect the problem with electrical installations that aren’t able to be switched off for testing.

Risk assessments of fire safety for London:

A risk assessment for fire is an obligation of law for the majority of residential and commercial structures and can help you identify ways to decrease the danger of fire.

Our expert fire risk assessors will meticulously examine your home and suggest improvements you can make to ensure your building’s fire safety.

Testing of emergency lighting and maintenance in London:

Our skilled engineers will carefully examine the emergency lighting of your building to ensure that it is operating exactly as it should during an emergency.

Testing and servicing of fire alarms in London:

A well-tested and reliable fire alarm can keep your property’s residents secure in the event of fire, as to reduce the chance from false alarms.

London PAT testing for commercial properties and residential properties:

When you need testing for PAT or EICR testing or one the other services we offer for electrical conformity our team of highly skilled and committed engineers are available throughout London. When you work with us, regardless of the location you’re in London you will receive prompt and professional assistance.

Our engineers are located in East London, West London, South London, North London, South East London, South West London, North East London, North West London and Central London.

Why should you choose PAT Test Certificate for PAT testing or EICR examinations for the London region?

There are numerous PAT testing businesses in London You’re probably thinking what the reason PAT Test Certificate should be the one to conduct the testing of electrical equipment, along with other services.

An affordable service:

 We provide an affordable price to all of our clients. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation estimate and find out how affordable a compliance construction can be.

All hours of the day and 7 days a seaming:

London is the city that never sleeps. Our engineers are on call during non-office hours to check your equipment, and to ensure that there is minimal interruption to your employees and customers

Experiential in multi-sites:

Do you have a head headquarters in London and locations across the nation? That’s fine! We’re leaders in delivering assistance to a variety of websites across the United States. Just send us an email or a call to the account manager you have designated and we’ll schedule your tests

More than 25 years of experience working with diverse enterprises: Whether you require testing for a large manufacturing facility or chain of shops, or just one rental property, we’ll offer you a top-quality and reliable service.

We go above:

We provide an array of free services that our competitors don’t offer, including an appointment reminder with scan able labels, photos of equipment that is damaged.

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