Programs For Special Needs Adults

There are various programs for special needs adults that assist in various areas of their lives, including residential support, job training and employment services, recreational activities and leisure time activities as well as self-advocacy initiatives and advocacy groups.

Additional services provided could include counseling and information/referral programs tailored specifically for parents, siblings, and caregivers.

Adult Day Services

If your disabled client requires care during the day, Adult Day Services could be an option to consider. These facilities specialize in helping those with disabilities and usually offer midday meals; their staff is specially trained to offer social and therapeutic interactions for every participant who attends this program.

Studies have demonstrated that adults attending adult day services experience enhanced occupational participation and quality of life benefits, with carers often reporting increased engagement with care recipients upon returning home due to attendees sharing engaging activities that occurred throughout the day. Unfortunately, however, due to limited dementia-specific programs available and interaction between providers who could intrude on carers’ privacy or disrupt daily routines may cause them to hesitate in using such services [45].

Many adults utilizing adult day services receive funding through state agencies that cover some or all of their costs, in addition to Medicaid waivers, the Administration on Aging and veterans’ disability insurance as sources of funding.

Adult Residential Services

As soon as a teenager with intellectual or developmental disability turns 17, parents must start making plans to assist him/her when the time comes for them to leave home. This transition period can be stressful for all parties involved; special needs lawyers and other specialists often advise families how best to navigate this change.

Adult Residential Services provide an alternative living solution for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities and Autism who require direct support. These residential services are typically delivered within licensed homes by Residential Care Services that accommodate up to six individuals at once.

These Residential Service options provide individuals with an opportunity to become active members of their community while learning and growing while there. Residents learn basic life skills like cooking, shopping and bill paying while also participating in recreation and activities such as trips, movies visits, concerts or ball games as well as making friends within their housemates’ households.

Children’s Recreation Programs

Northeast Westchester Special Recreation offers recreational and socialization opportunities for people living with developmental disabilities throughout the county. Their programs run on weekday afternoons, evenings and weekends – they feature aquatics programming as well as Special Olympic training in various sports as well as daily outings and weekend-away trips.

These programs are tailored to address the ages, interests and abilities of participants. Supports and incentives are provided for socialization and to encourage appropriate behavior.

Other programs available at Camp K2 include day camps for children with diabetes and free surfing day camps; weekend retreats for families whose child has died of cancer; as well as residential camping programs offering one-to-one shadowing so children with disabilities may participate fully within same-age camp groups.

Other activities include Owls, a weekly Friday night activity program designed to give participants the space and freedom they need to explore arts and crafts, music, games, toys, puzzles cooking and outside play in an inviting and safe environment. Led by a recreation therapist this program gives everyone an opportunity to get creative!

Adult Tutoring

As special needs children transition into adulthood, their unique set of abilities and challenges do not go away. Luckily, numerous resources exist that can assist them as adults.

Adult tutoring is one of the most beneficial resources. Tutoring programs often pair adult students with tutors familiar with their specific learning needs; whether this involves auditory, visual or tactile forms of education a tutor can provide assistance that will benefit each student.

Tutors at Walker Center can also offer guidance in reading textbooks, taking notes and test prep. Many of our tutors were successful students themselves in one or more subject areas and are keen to share their study strategies with new pupils.

Other community resources could include special needs communities. These small groups of adults reside together and receive care from various specialists in order to become functioning members of society and feel a sense of belonging.

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