Which One is Better Step Cut vs Layer Cut

Are you out for a saloon and confused about which one to opt for step cut or layer cut? 

Among all the stuff of haircutting, you must be looking for what is the best whether a step cut or a layer cut.

Due to some misconceptions, people understand that step hair cutting or layered hair cutting is the same, just calling them two different names. But the truth is both haircuts are clearly dissimilar depending upon the different techniques that are used to cut both types of haircuts.

You need it to differentiate it well especially when you have to explain to your hairstylist to make your own haircut and is pretty conflicting which hairstyle to choose from. It will be a tough task to figure out which haircut will be best for you.

So, guys if you want to get deeper knowledge about the two different hair cut step cut vs layer cut, then better be with us.

What is Step Hair Cutting

As the name suggests step cut means cutting hair with a cascading style in which hair is trimmed at different levels and at different intervals depending upon your hair length.  

 A sharp distinction is drawn between the steps that lead to a number of steps in your hair depending upon the length of the hair. Step haircut can be defined as  2step or three-step

Where each step is a few inches below to other and is blended well with other hair. Step cutting of hair is fit for wavy and thick hair.

Step cut for long hair was the most popular hair-cutting trend in the eighties and nineties  Currently Step haircut is back in vogue.

What is Layer cut

Layer cut uses angled hair-cutting techniques and left no gap between the layers and each layer is well blended into the hair length to give you an illusion of thicker hair strands. Long hairs are cut in layers top layers are cut shorter than the hair beneath and blended together so that no divisions of hair can be seen separately. Layer cut is best suited for a person with straight hair and is easy to manage your layered cut hair.

Step Cut Vs Layer cut

Let’s have a look at step cut vs layer cut

Step CutLayer Cut
Beginning the first step below the ears in step-cut hair and the next step is just a bit below to create a gap between each step separately and is noticed easily.hairs are arranged in layers in the layer cut and blended well to leave no gaps between each layer. Not each layer is not visible separately. 
It is best suited for wavy and thicky haired personA person with thin and straight hair can look stunning in a layer cut.
It gives a bouncy look. It gives an illusion of volume to your hair.
Step cutting starts from below the hair in the first step and 2nd one is on the shoulder and the steps are looking clear.Layer cutting a blend of all layers, no layers are visible separately.
There is about 3 inches gap in each step.No gaps are created between layers.
It is best for short and curled hair. It is best for long and silky hair.

So, guys hope you are now clear on the difference between step cut and layer cut hairstyle. This information will be very helpful to you especially when you are on the way to the salon and gets confused about what can I choose from.  Which hairstyle to go for or what hairstyle can suit on your hair? 

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