The iScooter iX Series off-road electric scooters

The iScooter iX Series off-road electric scooters are the safest and most dependable scooters on the market. With a maximum cruising speed of 22 mph and a range of up to 50 miles per charge, the iX Series delivers the comfort and convenience you crave. Our patented technology makes the iX Series off-road electric scooters virtually crash proof and safe for everyone.

The iX Series scooters feature our exclusive Active Safety Technology (AST) that protects against all types of collisions, including impact, Off road electric scooter sideswipe, front and back end impacts. This technology includes advanced suspension technology, collision sensors, adjustable air bag pressure and the iX Series scooters come with a bumper designed to protect against impacts.

Our Active Suspension Technology helps the iX Series scooters absorb bumps, shocks and rough terrain that make the ride more comfortable and less tiring. The iX Series features an onboard charger and two large front and rear batteries that can provide a continuous 40 hours of cruising time.

The batteries are sealed so there are no messy batteries to store or carry home. Simply attach them to your bike frame using the included quick release system and head out for adventure. The iX Series also features an LCD screen that allows you to monitor speed, distance, battery level and other vehicle information.

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