Top 10 Low Investment Online Business Ideas

Top 10 Low Investment Online Business Ideas

You all want to earn money online and you are still confused what are the good online business ideas, there are many ways of doing business, and we are all lucky that today, using our skills and knowledge, we can do business online with very low investment and no need for land, labor, or a large amount of capital. The world of starting an online startup is gaining popularity nowadays. Many people who have some special skills are going into this field of online business.

Today, the basic and very well-discussed reasons for unemployment are that people are not starting business ventures and, most of the time, are waiting to clear the most traditional examinations. The risk in business is never letting them start anything in the business world.

Having skills and continuing to learn are very important for all of us in the 21st century, so apart from our active income, we have some other ways of earning by using our hard skills. This is passive income.

The motive for writing this article is to hopefully be able to help you by giving you some ideas regarding online businesses and the important skills you need to acquire before starting them. People will be able to start a business with less investment.

Here are the top 10 low investment online business ideas:

1. Starting an online blog:

This is one of the best online business ideas which is popular nowadays but a lot of people think that they are not good writers, so they will not be able to start blogging. But that is not the case; if you are interested, you can learn about it and set up a nonfiction blogging site. If you don’t have an idea about how to write non-fiction essays and articles, the best way is to read others’ blogs. You can write about any topic in which you are interested, you have some knowledge and know how to do reliable research. There are numerous YouTube channels that can assist you with the aforementioned issues as well as determining how to monetize your blog.

What should be concerning is that the content should be well written and use proper grammar. And also, it should be able to give the reader the exact content he wants to see or read. The only thing you need to invest in is a domain name. Blogging can be a very unbeatable way of making more money in the coming years.

  • Investment:

Investment on buying domain can be about 500 rupees according to go Daddy and there are some more platforms from which you can buy domain and web hosting services. Somewhere around 1000 rupees to  1500 rupees.

2. Affiliate and digital marketing:

This is the very new, emerging ways of starting an online business. Affiliate marketing is about promoting somebody else’s product. Having a basic knowledge of SEO and copywriting can also help. People are choosing this as a part time job, and among teens and young adults, affiliate marketing is very popular. There are many online platforms through which you can learn about them in detail.

In fact, children as young as thirteen and fourteen are earning well using this skill.

  • Investment:

If you want to do a course, it will cost 500 to 1000 rupees. And somewhere approx. 1000 to 2000 rupees on starting this service.

3. Setting up an e-commerce site:

Also, a good way to start an online business is to set up a website to sell things. Before beginning this e-commerce website, keep the following points in mind: creating a Shopify store requires very little investment and no coding knowledge. Shopify is the best platform that offers a 30-day free trial. Think about the product, is the product going to be in a growth market, Will it solve people’s problems? Choose a product that will attract more and more customers and give you the most profit and growth. A good online business idea for all people who want to sell online. While starting, set an optimal price for your product. As more customers engage with it, increase the price slightly. 

  • Investment:

At shopify, there are three plans of basic for 1500 rupees, shopify recommended for 6000 rupees, and advanced of 22,680 rupees.

4. Self-publish a book on amazon:

This is one of the easiest of online business ideas,  A lot of people like reading books, you can write one on any topic, including social issues, the environment, motivation, finance, or a fictional book. This is a good way to make money online. Some things to keep in mind are that your niche should be consistent, interesting, and problem-solving, and that you should collect reviews from people who have already read it, as well as promote your book on your website and social media. 

  • Investment:

On amazon, it will help you in publishing your books on amazon kindle online direct publishing platform, but it will take a portion of your book’s earning to print.

5. Create a course:

There are a lot of learning enthusiasts around who like learning and studying various subjects like literature, grammar, history, health, medical, disaster management, science, and a lot more. Find a subject that interests you, read books about it, and YouTube can also help you learn more about it. Sell it on your website; there are many websites like Udemy that can help you publish those courses. A good online business idea for people who love the art of teaching.

  • Investment:

Depends certainly on the type of course you are creating, the investment varies from platform to platform, if you are creating it on YouTube it will be free of investment. There are some application like Udemy where there is no fee to create and publish free and paid courses as per the way you like.

6. App development:

We all use various kinds of mobile applications every day, and this field is getting very popular nowadays. Have an idea for a useful mobile app—what kind of app would people like to install? Have a basic knowledge of coding; also, these days, people collaborate with people who are creating apps. Doing reliable research before investing a lot of money on your idea is also very important. 

  • Investment:

According to research, if you are an app developer and want  to publish apps online on google play store. The one time developer fee is 25 dollars. After payment of fee, you can publish your apps on google play store.

7. Freelance writer:

If you have a basic understanding of writing this online business idea can help you in becoming a freelancer or content writer is a good way to make money. It’s not only about writing; it’s also about finding clients, making your C.V. and portfolio, providing writing samples, and getting feedback and payment. There are many websites that you can use to start your freelance career, like Fiverr and Upgrad. This requires continuous improvement, setting goals, getting rejected sometimes, and striving hard, like any business. This does not require a lot of investment to start a journey of content creation. 

  • Investment:

No need of investing amount on it. And if you are creating your account in Fiverr or Upgrad, it’s free to join them.

8. Starting a podcast:

This can be a good way of generating great revenues. People, after getting well known as a podcaster and growing, offer paid sponsorships and sell products and services. This online business idea will help you in earning the trust of your listener through your podcast, which will push them to buy what you offer. 

  • Investment:

Making podcast on application like Spotify is 8.25 dollar per month, according to the annual plan.

9. Website developer:

Website developer or we can call them web developers; he or she is a person who knows how to create a website. For that, you must learn some coding languages such as html, CSS, and java; this requires hard work but is not impossible as most people nowadays need their websites, especially those who have businesses, lawyers, motivational speakers, authors, and many others. 

10. Resume or cover letter writing:

A lot of people struggle while making a C.V. or a cover letter for jobs, which are essentials. If you are good at it, this online business idea is appropriate for you. It can help the students in creating resumes and cover letters so that they can be hired.

Additionally on top of these 10 Idea, you can start with the logo designing if you are good at it, it will just cost you to buy some online logo design tool. there are many lifetime offers available for this.

Final Words:

These online business ideas are for those who want to start their journey online and who have an interest in learning and developing new hard skills. These online business ideas can help you become a good entrepreneur, one day. Also, the best point is that these ideas don’t need a lot of your investment. Nonetheless, there are some business ideas that can be implemented easily. Some without any investment, some with a little investment. Knowing your interests is the best way to start an online business. (little introspection) What skills do you want to develop? Getting better every day, and then started finding clients. Social media applications will help you interact virtually with the clients, you would like to work with.

People do it part-time; basically, college students do this type of work to gain good working experience and improve their resumes.

These ideas will help you start the business idea, you like the most. If you are taking a course, the most important investment you will make is in your education. There are many online YouTube channels that can also help you.