Top foods that make brain healthy: A must guide for students

If you are a student who has to memorize and grasp much new information from the different subjects, then it becomes very essential to keep your mind healthy. Studying under pressure and keeping no attention towards health will not generate a positive academic performance which will affect your progress in reaching your educational targets. 

According to research, it has been proved that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Students who are studying in schools and colleges must be physically fit and should consume a balanced diet as it helps a lot for their mental and physical health. 

No studies suggest eating in excess amounts as it only affects your health badly resulting in gaining weight, tiredness, and fat-shaming by your peers. Moreover, it also affects your mental health. So avoid foods that might appear yummy but are unhealthy. If you are unable to figure out foods that help in keeping your brain healthy, then read this article till the end, since today we are listing some of the top foods that you need to consume. 

Top foods that make your brain healthy

Here is the list of top foods that every student must take note of.

Dark chocolates

Chocolates are of course one of the foods that one hardly can resist due to yummy chocolate flavour. But what if we tell you that eating chocolates is not just for the taste but is also a good source of food that affect brain health positively? You will wonder how it could be. Yes, it is true, because it contains cocoa which has high flavonoid content in comparison to other food items. But here we are pointing towards only the dark chocolates, not your regular milk-flavoured choco bites. 


Eggs are also counted as one of the top foods that really works better for your brain health. Students must have eggs in their meals as they are considered to be nature’s multivitamin since they are rich in nutrients including vitamin B12 and selenium that work well in the functioning of the brain. Often some students are told to ignore the yellow yolk part and refer to the white part only. But we suggest you should eat whole eggs to gain more health benefits. 


When it comes to listing the top foods that make your brain healthy, then how can we skip the walnuts whose shape is similar to our brains? According to a study, students who took a regular intake of these nuts in their diet for 8 weeks experienced a remarkable improvement in interpreting verbal information. 


Next on the list is Berries. One big reason to have them is they are rich in many compounds that help enhance academic performance and act as a shield for your brain health. When we talk about berries then we mean blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries that are high in anthocyanins, high flavonoid compounds. 

Eating berries which contain anthocyanins helps in improving your mental aptitude as it enhances blood flow to your brain, preventing it from inflammation, and promotes nerve cell production and cellular procedures that involves learning and memorizing. 


So these are some of the top foods that students must add to their regular diet because they help in improving their mental health. Dark chocolate, walnuts, eggs, and berries are some of the foods that you can get easily. Apart from these foods, we would also suggest you practice yoga and meditation. 

These activities are also helpful in calming down your brain cells and flushing out excess stress and anxiety. Make a habit to get up early and do some asanas that improve your memory and mental strength. Search for more topics like credential wallet, etc. 

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