Understanding And Preventing Hacking

Hacking is the act of identifying and exploiting weaknesses in either a computer system or internet works. It is utilized to obtain unauthorized access to either personal or professional data or information.
Despite being perceived as a malicious activity, hacking is not always like that. Yet the term has attracted a lot of negative connotations because cybercriminals have been hacking into various online accounts for years.

The Modus Operandi of hacking – how does it work?

In what ways do hackers hack computer systems? In reality, they use a wide array of measures and techniques to achieve their objectives. Here are some common methods:

Social engineering

A manipulation technique used to exploit human error, social engineering gains access to personal information by way of fake identity and other tricks. Hackers usually deceive and dupe victims into disclosing their key personal and financial details.

They can use phishing scams, spam emails, or wrongful instant messages to achieve their goals. At times, they can even use fake websites (which can be somehow spotted).

Stealing passwords by hacking

Hackers use a wide array of ways to obtain passwords. The trial and error method they utilize is none other than a brute force attack. It involves them trying to guess each possible combination to obtain access.

Hackers might also use simple algorithms to generate various combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols to help themselves identify various password combinations. Another technique known as a dictionary attack is a program that adds common words into password fields to see which one works and which does not.

Infecting devices by means of malware

Hackers can infiltrate users’ devices for the installation of malware. More than likely, they will target their victims using instant messaging and websites with tempting and downloadable content. Furthermore, they are more likely to find loopholes in open network routers instead of using malicious code to make things worse.

Exploiting insecure loopholes in wireless networks

Hackers only need to find loopholes in networks instead of using malicious code for hacking. They do so because sadly public network routers aren’t always secure. This vulnerability can be exploited by hackers prowling cyberspace for insecure networks and connections. Such activity is known as wardriving.
What it does is that once hackers have connected themselves to the unsecured network, all they need to do is to bypass basic security to obtain access to devices that are connected to that network.

Obtaining backdoor access

Hackers can make programs that look for unprotected pathways into both computers and network systems. They can obtain backdoor access by infecting a computer and an internet network. They do so with the aid of a Trojan horse. Hackers make that to catch and steal passwords and other important data (plus information) right under the users’ noses.

Hackers can even spy on emails

Yes, that is also possible. DDoS attack protection providers in New York City explain that hackers make code allowing them to intercept and read emails. A lot of email programs today utilize encryption formulas which indicate that hackers cannot intercept a message easily, and even if they do, they cannot read it.

Taking logs of keys pressed by users (keystrokes)

Unfortunate but true. There are programs that allow hackers to track each keystroke a user makes on their computer. Once such software has been install in a victim’s computer by any means, these malicious programs record each keystroke. This gives hackers each opportunity they need to infiltrate a system, steal identities, and the like.

Creation of Zombie computer systems

Also known as a bot, a zombie computer is a computer that hackers make and utilize to send spam, or carry out Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. When a victim executes a code that is innocent, a connection between their computer and hackers’ bot systems opens up. Hackers hence secretly control the computer, using it to either spread spam or cause problems.

What damages can hackers do?

Hackers can cause a lot of damage once they obtain access to data and devices. Here is what they can do:
• Damage credit ratings and business.
• Steal money.
• Open fake banking and credit card accounts in users’ names.
• They can request new account Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for accessing accounts.
• They can also add requests for additional credit cards for bogus and unethical purchases.
• Use false identities to control legitimate identities and profiles of legitimate users.
• Obtain cash advances.
• Wrong usage of social security numbers.

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