Volkswagen servicing, is it time to buy the very first Volkswagen? Contrary to what you’ve heard the top European automobiles will last a long time when maintained properly.

The article collated some of the most effective suggestions from our VW mechanics about how you can maintain your vehicle and make it run longer, Volkswagen servicing.

Research Volkswagen models:

Before you put your money in a new, expensive vehicle it is important to conduct some research regarding which Volkswagen model that is best suited to your lifestyle and the level of maintenance you’ll need (and whether it is within the budget you’ve decided to set).

If you’re buying a used Volkswagen It is also worth looking into whether the vehicle is subject to recalls and the parts are not working properly and require replacement or repair. Doing a quick Google search will show any issues that have been identified or you could use the vehicle you bought used for an in-depth inspection by a seasoned VW expert in Perth using Elite Euro.


A Volkswagen can be run on regular gasoline. However, for certain models that are performance-oriented, such as the Volkswagen Jetta the turbocharged engines are best suited to premium fuel.

Also called high Octane Fuel or “high octane gasoline” the fuel you buy from your local petrol station and has an octane rating that exceeds 95 is considered high-end. While it costs more for each litre, you will perform better and mileage, as well as emit lesser greenhouse gases.

Monthly oil and fluid checks:

The oil in the engine, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, as well as transmission fluid are crucial to ensure that your vehicle is operating safely, smoothly and functioning how it is supposed to.

If any of them leaks or need replacement there is a danger – without cooling fluid your engine could overheat and cause a fire or explode. Also, without these fluids, the components may fail.

A quick examination of the levels of fluids in your car and the level of oil is recommended prior to setting off for a long drive. Also, you should check every few weeks to make sure there isn’t any need for urgently changing your oil or topping up your fluids.

Don’t be concerned even if you’re not a professional in vehicle maintenance, but the certified VW mechanics are available to assist you with the regular inspections.


Yes, Volkswagens make great cars to drive, but we wouldn’t recommend driving the car for a fun drive regularly if you would like it to last an extended time! The thing that many don’t know of is that reckless driving could make your car wear faster.

Simple things such as reducing your speed or using a gentle stroke on the brakes before you come to an intersection, or turning, or going downhill will aid in reducing wear and tear to the brake system. Avoiding acceleration that is too hard and ensuring that you’re in the right gear can also prevent your engine from getting damaged, Volkswagen servicing.


Are you unable to locate an VW mechanic in Perth to get that first service? Be aware of signs that your Volkswagen will require a repair before it is too late. Can bring a number of advantages for your car and your pocket, as you don’t want an issue that is minor maintenance issue to escalate into an extensive fix job.

The owner’s guideline should be followed to the letter. This to assure that the Volkswagen vehicle will operate to the highest level it can. To schedule the Volkswagen service, go to our Perth workshops.

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