What are the different learning styles for children?

Learning styles can be explained in more than one way to learn, process, and get information. This technique is even taught to children via meaningful hand displays like moving, touching, and doing. They also get to know things via hearing and visualizing things. When such activities of a child are observed then you become familiar with his preferred style of learning. 

In what way do learning styles is helpful for a child?

Learning styles are indeed very helpful in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your child. Also, it helps in your child’s development. He generates confidence in showing his prowess in multiple areas. Hence, it becomes very necessary to give your child ample space so that he gains new skills, strengths, and interests which will only widen his perspective towards the world. 

What are the different forms of learning?

There are 4 different types of learning styles one must be knowing. One that you learn when visualizing, another form is when you learn by hearing, third via touching sense, and fourth while doing and moving. Let us know more about them below.

  • Visual learning

As the name suggests, children learn here through visualization. When they are in the classroom they observe the body language of their teachers through their facial expressions for a particular content and and know through displays and explanations. This sharpens their imaginative power and can visualize in pictures. Excess of activities in the classroom often leads to distractions for them. Children of senior level who have a habit of reading do not find difficulty in getting clarity of instructions via verbal directions. 

  • Auditory

This is also one of the learning styles, where children listen to what has been conveyed to them via discussions and communications. Verbal explanations are very helpful in giving a clear perspective of given instructions or any information in written form. Children often get benefit from it and learn well in a peaceful environment. Sometimes too much noise from everywhere seems irritating and distracting. 

  • Touching (Tactile)

In this form of learning style, children become familiar with touching experiences where they have to use their hands for a particular activity or a project. This may include drawings to boost memory. They also know about good touch and bad touch taught by their teachers. It is the initiative that is taken by most schools. 

  • Kinesthetic

This indicates moving and doing. More kinesthetic kids learn through sensing physically but may not be comfortable sitting for long hours. This kind of approach lets your child experience his physical world actively and learns a lot. 

What is the best way to notice your child’s learning style?

If you want to notice the learning style of your child, then be a sharp observer in noticing his actions. Choices, activities, and inclination are the 3 best areas that can provide you with information about his process of learning. Delays in the development of your child mean you are not emphasizing his strengths and preferred activities, but more on what he is not doing or is not interested in doing something in which he does not incline. Note that even the most challenged kids have their preferences and interests. This motivates them to learn better. 


So this is all you need to know about learning styles and the different types that have been mentioned in this article. To summarise what has been discussed here is teachers and parents must initiate in bringing a positive change in their teaching style. If he is given ample opportunity to learn from his experience, then it is better for his mental development. Living in a digital world means you should know about all the technologies. One such is the event-verified certification which includes the name of the student, Roll number, and other details in PDF format, after that, the certificate is issued to the student. 

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