Why Choose Japan International Schools Over Other Schools

Every responsible parent wants what’s best for their child. Most parents want the best of both worlds- children’s physical well-being and security, as well as their enjoyment and opportunity to explore, develop, and learn. Japan international schools ensure that students receive the necessary inputs for self-realisation while strengthening the community by providing fundamental education to become good citizens.¬†

Let’s see why choosing Japanese international schools is beneficial over other schools.

  • Learning Methods

The Japanese educational system places a great value on memory and rote learning while frequently discouraging innovative thinking. This antiquated system may benefit certain children. However, constraining them to learn in only one approved way stifles their originality and natural academic ability. 

Students are encouraged by their teachers to think creatively when presenting their views in an international school. Children learn to gather, analyse, develop, and present information in a project. They are trained to identify issues and solve them. Students’ thoughts constantly work on solutions to problems that teachers present or ask them to devise.

  • Diversified Students

An international school welcomes students from all over the world. It offers diverse and multidimensional classrooms, reflecting the globalisation of many communities worldwide. International school students feel very at ease engaging with one another and celebrating other cultures. 

Children are encouraged to find and embrace uniqueness in this tolerant, inclusive environment. It celebrates and incorporates children’s cultural differences into the educational setting. Furthermore, it organises events that educate students about their own and their classmates’ diverse cultures.

  • International Recognised Curriculum

Most conventional Japanese schools primarily offer a rigorous curriculum. It emphasises students passing standardised tests more than preparing them for a modern workforce. As a result, they are less focused on critical thinking skills and creativity.

In addition, the international school offers a recognised international curriculum. It allows students to pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, providing a high standard of education in Japan. This well-known program demonstrates to admission committees for universities and colleges worldwide that international school students are academically adept and have acquired thinking skills that make them desirable candidates.

  • Progressive Education

The focus of the Japanese educational system is on learning the traditions and practices of that particular culture. In that setting, multicultural-minded students could struggle to claim their identities. However, encouraging collaboration, in-depth analysis, and personalised learning ensures children have the tools they need for the future.


Several scholarly contrasts exist between Japanese international schools and other schools, but we hope this article helps you learn more about them. International schools provide benefits such as quality education, improved socialisation, and the development of moral abilities such as empathy, morality, and good behaviour. 

Choosing the right school the first time is advisable so that the child does not have to adjust or make new friends again and again. Education is the most valuable gift parents can provide their children. Thus, pick the best for your child for class 12 admission in 2023

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