Will Twitter survive the wave of resignation?

Photo illustration by TodayOnIt. Photos by Patrick Pleul/Pool/AFP via Getty Images and Twitter.

Is it the end of Twitter? We need to consider this as there is a wave of resignation at Elon Musk’s actions on Twitter. we can see that #RIPTwitter is trending on social media. Elon asks their employees to work 40 hours a week with no remote working option available. A recent report says that Twitter alerted their employee that the office will be closed for a few days with suspended badge access and it will reopen on 21st November 2022. They are asked not to share any confidential information about Twitter outside of the company.

In another email to employees, they are being asked to check for approval from the manager for remote work. The manager is the one who will take the decision and make sure that his/her team is excellently contributing to the company. 

We are not surprised with this that Elon and his team are trying to retain their employees as they are the ones keeping the company higher in this competitive market.

One of the engineers open up and said that there is an entire team that voluntarily departing from the critical infrastructure and they are skilled professionals. so question is, will Twitter survive the wave of resignation?

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